Professional Grading, Leveling, and Sodding Services

Turn to van Oordt Landscaping for all your grading, leveling, and sodding needs. Being in the business over 40 years, we have the experience and skills necessary to provide services that meet and exceed every customer’s expectations.

Grading and Leveling Services

We use tractors in fine grading and leveling, and manually rake areas where the tractors don’t fit. Our grading is then checked with lasers to make sure they are up to code. Large stones and debris will then be removed before we supply and install the sod. We will then power roll your property and professionally install a lush lawn for you.


Sodding Services

All of the sods we offer are grown on specialist farms. These are then cut into rolls and immediately installed on the same day to ensure a fresh and healthy lawn. For larger areas, we provide and install seed with our overseeder. We also ensure correct seeds for your climate if needed.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is a combination of bluegrass cultivars, selected through years of trials. This blend is suited to a variety of locations and applications from golf courses and sports fields to landscapes. The varieties that are blended into this Bluegrass are chosen for their high density, ability to be maintained at low cutting heights and their deep green color.

Advantage of Sods

The dense characteristic of the sod we provide prevents soil erosion from precipitation in comparison to a seeded lawn. Sod lawns have extremely strong roots, which grow right into the tilled, graded land. This delivers an instantaneous beautiful lawn for you to enjoy.


Rolling Sod or Turf

van Oordt Landscaping powere rolls your new sod or turf to even out the turf joints and to ensure good contact between the turf roots and the soil. Rolling is also effective in eliminating air pockets and providing a nice finish. We use only #1 grade nursery sod locally grown to maintain our reputation as specialists.