Project Description

Client:?? John O?Connor and Anne Treadwell
Location:?? Ayr, Ontario
Year Completed:?? 2014
Scope:?? Designed and installed by van Oordt Landscaping

When we moved to Ayr almost three years ago, we knew we wanted to put a pond in our back yard. We have had two previous ponds and we knew how much pleasure they gave us. We knew we wanted a natural-looking pond, but with a waterfall and stream in a small space.

We looked at different ads and garden designers for some time, but one day I was out chatting with our next-door neighbour, Cameron van Oordt. He said that his company, van Oordt Landscaping, also installed ponds.

*[Now I was in trouble because I imagined that if we didn?t use van Oordt?s, Cameron would have sent his four kids over to play at our house? What choice did we now have?]

Cameron arranged for his pond designer to come over and begin designing with us. He listened to our concerns and ideas; it was evident how well he had listened when he returned with his drawings. They were just what we wanted and the price was comparable with other quotes we had received.

The pond was outlined on the lawn, and before we knew it, the construction team was beginning their work. We were consulted consistently to make sure they were doing what we wanted. If we did have some changes, there was never any grumbling, just a pleasant agreement.

The pond was finished quickly and the remaining yard was put back better than it was before. Where machinery had ruined some grass, it was sodded. It was completed within the estimated budget.

We have had our pond now for almost two years and it has settled in quite naturally to our waterfalls, watching the wildlife (especially the ducks and other birds), and seeing the aquatic plants bloom with so much colour. As well, our goldfish have survived two hard winters and continue to thrive.

Thank you, van Oordt Landscaping.

*We were only kidding about the kids; they are great!