Grading & Levelling

We fine grade and level with tractor, rake areas when tractor cannot fit. We check all our grading with lazer and make sure they are to code. Removal of large stones, debris and supply and install sod. Power roll the property. We will professionally install a lush lawn for you. to set grades and maintain proper water shedding. It also serves to remove high spots and fill in low spots which stay to wet. Grading is the process of sculpting the earth to give a smooth, desirable look that channels ?water away from the foundation of your home and provides the perfect foundation for your new sod.

Why Proper Grading is Necessary

Van Oordt Landscaping?provides expert fine grading services on every new install of sod, also to correct drainage issues in your lawn or along your foundation when repair required as poor drainage near a house?s foundation can cause serious problems in the future.

Our fine grading is the customization of a site once mass grading is completed. Our experienced , highly skilled personnel pay attention to detail in applying the finishing touch to a project or install, van Oordt has earned a reputation for producing high quality construction results in fine grading for many years.

Van Oordt Landscaping?offers?fine grading using the lazer grading process, eliminating uneven areas and low spots, ensuring positive drainage. We guarantee your final grading will meet the specifications in your area.


Sod is grown on specialist farms and is cut into rolls and installed by our professionals immediately the same day we install for a fresh healthy lawn. Turf/Sod lawns are stronger than seeded lawns because the sod is thick, grown professionally using the best soil, proper fertilization, and watering techniques.

The dense characteristic of the sod we provide prevents soil erosion from precipitation in comparison to a seeded lawn. Sod lawns have extremely strong roots which grow right into the tilled, graded land, given an instantaneous beautiful lawn for you to enjoy. For larger areas we do provide and install seed with our over seeder. We ensure correct seed for your climate if needed.

Final Step: ?Rolling Sod-Turf

Van Oordt Landscaping?rolls your new sod/turf to even out the turf joints and to ensure good contact between turf roots and the soil. Rolling is also effective in eliminating air pockets, and provides a nice finish.